Burn the Note Pledge

The board of trustees would like to share some exciting financial news about our center. As you may know we own this building… well us and the bank. Remarkably, the amount left on our mortgage is down to just a bit over $12,000, $12,034.08 to be exact. The board and Rev Bonnie have been visualizing the day we pay off the note and own this beloved space free and clear. So, we’ve come up with a fun idea we call “Burn The Note Pledge”. Our goal is to pay the note off by the end of this year (December 31st).

To help accomplish this we need your help in the form of a pledge:

  • All earmarked contributions will go direct to mortgage
  • You may donate in a single payment or in incremental monthly payments
  • No pledge amount is too small! We want everyone to be able to know they were a part of making this happen!
  • Help to ensure that our Spiritual home will be here for many years to come and can’t be taken away
  • A few of our long-term members have stepped up to offer some matching contributions!

A few last thoughts:

  • These contributions need to be separate from any regular tithes as we still need our regular donations to pay our monthly obligations and keep the lights on.
  • Anyone interested in offering any amount of matching funds please contact: Bob Grier - (619) 884-5250 or Laurie Macomber (970) 689-3000
  • If you choose to make a direct donation using a check or via PayPal please make a note to alert us that this donation is to go to the “Burn the Note Pledge” otherwise it will be considered a tithe/donation to our operating fund.

Regular updates to follow! Keep watching this space.

Burn the Note Pledge


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